MSFHR KT publications

MSFHR’s team of KT specialists work to advance the science and practice of KT, and give BC health researchers the tools they need to increase the impact of their research. This includes running training workshops, presenting at conferences, and publishing peer-reviewed papers and book chapters.

  • Can Systems Thinking Become “The Way We Do Things?”
    IJHPM, 2020 
    MSFHR’s President & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes comments on systems thinking, knowledge translation and co-production in response to Haynes et al’s “What Can Policy-Makers Get Out of Systems Thinking? Policy Partners’ Experiences of a Systems-Focused Research Collaboration in Preventive Health.”
  • Re-imagining Research: A Bold Call, but Bold Enough?
    IJHPM, 2020
    MSFHR’s President & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes comments on research in the healthcare system in response to Bowen et al’s article  “Experience of Health Leadership in Partnering with University-Based Researchers in Canada: A Call to ‘Re-Imagine’ Research.”
  • Using evidence in Canada (Chapter 16)
    What Works Now? Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice, 2019. Edited by Annette Boaz, Huw Davies, Alec Fraser and Sandra Nutley.
    MSFHR's president & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes and Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Translation and Quality of Care Dr. Sharon Straus examine the nature of evidence in Canadian health care, the structures for its production and synthesis, and describe recent initiatives aimed at enabling greater use. 
  • Core knowledge translation competencies: a scoping review
    BMC Health Services Research, 2018
    Building on a previously published protocol, Gayle Scarrow, MSFHR's director, knowledge translation, and a team from BC and Alberta summarize existing knowledge to answer the questions: “What are the core KT competencies needed in the health sector?” and “What are the interventions and strategies to teach and reinforce those competencies?”.
  • Evaluation of the “Foundations in Knowledge Translation” training initiative: preparing end users to practice KT
    Implementation Science, 2018
    MSFHR's president & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes, Gayle Scarrow, director, knowledge translation, and team partner with researchers to evaluate the KT training initiative “Foundations in KT” to assess its ability to prepare end users to practice KT, the sustainability of training outcomes and contextual factors that may influence outcomes.
  • Reviewer training to assess knowledge translation in funding applications is long overdue
    Research Integrity and Peer Review, 2017
    The MSFHR KT team propose that peer reviewer training in KT is critical to ensuring the KT components of funding applications are rigorously evaluated. Includes recommendations for evaluating KT in funding applications.
  • Mobilising knowledge in complex health systems: a call to action
    Evidence & Policy, 2017
    MSFHR's president & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes and colleagues from Canada and the United Kingdom provide practical advice on how to successfully implement evidence in complex systems by identifying integrated actions for a range of stakeholders.
  • Protocol of a scoping review on knowledge translation competencies
    Systematic Reviews, 2017
    Gayle Scarrow, MSFHR's director, knowledge translation, and a team from BC and Alberta summarize existing knowledge, and knowledge gaps, on KT competencies for knowledge users, knowledge brokers, and knowledge producers/researchers in health researcher, to inform a self-assessment and professional development tool for the three audiences.
  • The rise of the impact agenda (presentation)
    Third Fuse International Conference on Knowledge Exchange, 2016
    MSFHR President & CEO, Dr. Bev Holmes, discusses the role of a research funder with respect to research and its impact.
  • Evidence-informed healthcare through integration of health research
    Healthcare Management Forum, 2015
    Organizational leaders from Island Health, Royal Roads University, the University of British Columbia and MSFHR explore the catalytic role that health care organizations have for health research, both in the creation and the use of evidence.
  • How funding agencies can support research use in healthcare: An online province-wide survey to determine knowledge translation needs
    Implementation Science, 2014
    Using the results of MSFHR’s provincial KT needs assessment, the KT and evaluation team explore how research funders can build capacity for the use of health research evidence practice and policy. 
  • Translating evidence into practice: The role of health research funders
    Implementation Science, 2012
    The MSFHR KT team identify five functional areas through which funders can create the conditions for effective KT: advancing KT science, building KT capacity, managing KT projects, funding KT activities, and advocating for KT.