Eleven clinicians have been awarded funding in MSFHR's 2019 Health Professional-Investigator (HP-I) competition to conduct research and apply evidence within BC's health system to improve patient care.

Valerie To, director, Research Competitions discusses the evolution of our grant application processes from the early days of paper to today's system and beyond.

MSFHR's 2019 award recipients from across BC

MSFHR has announced 56 award recipients (20 Scholars and 36 Research Trainees) from across BC.

By partnering with organizations like the BC Schizophrenia Society, MSFHR is able to optimize provincial investment in health research and support more talented researchers than we could alone.

In 2018, MSFHR undertook an evaluation of our KT program to find out if it was having the desired impact and to inform future KT activities. The resulting evaluation report is now available. 

Gold Leaf prize winner Dr. Erin Michalak

Two-time MSFHR award recipient Dr. Erin Michalak has been honoured with a CIHR Gold Leaf Prize for her work founding CREST.BD. In this article, she reflects on the importance of involving patients and community members in health research.