Dr. Prior has spent her career studying women’s menstrual cycles. She reflects on her journey from fishing village to internationally recognized researcher, and the revolutionary act of listening to women.

Zena Sharman and Julia Langton discuss how best to connect strategy and evaluation to help plot a course, define what success looks like, and track our progress and learn along the way.

KT Encounters: Dr. Davina Banner explains how working with patient research partners has taught her some vital lessons about patient-oriented research.

On Feb 27, 2019 MSFHR hosted a reception at the BC Parliament to showcase some of the innovative research taking place in our province.

Lori Last and Amy Noise introduce the science of storytelling and how to apply the principles of storytelling to demonstrate the value of health research and health research funding.

Five teams of researchers and research users have been awarded P2P Awards, designed to build and strengthen capacity for patient-oriented research in BC.