MSFHR is currently looking for an experienced researcher or scientist passionate about the science of research funding to fill the newly-created position of Scientific Director.

MSFHR's Dr. Gen Creighton explores the parallels between the implementation of research evidence and the role of the research funder. 

MSFHR is pleased to name 17 exceptional BC-based health researchers as 2018 Scholar award recipients in areas ranging from youth mental health to optimal vaccine use and cancer metastasis.

Christopher Ong, one of MSFHR’s first Innovation to Commercialization cohort, says his 2017 I2C award came at an opportune time in the development of a new drug that could stop prostate cancer in its tracks.

Fuse 2018 brought together international experts in knowledge exchange and public health to share ideas and learn about how best to support the use of research evidence in policy-making.

MSFHR's Dr. Zena Sharman outlines what we know about gender equity in health research funding, what we wish we knew, and the steps MSFHR is taking to foster gender equity in our programs.