Spark is a digital publication that uses storytelling to share the impact of MSFHR and the people and projects we fund.

From Idea to Impact

The long road from world-class research to better health outcomes.

In this issue of Spark, we look at how four MSFHR-supported researchers have transformed made-in-BC ideas into products and policies that are improving health worldwide. Their experiences reveal British Columbia’s tremendous potential for research with global impact, as well as the myriad challenges awaiting researchers who wish to bring locally produced innovations to market or clinical practice.

Directions for the Future

A thriving health research community in BC for healthier citizens

In our inaugural issue of Spark, we showcase the three main areas where we will continue to add value to the health research system. Our core business is people – MSFHR-funded researchers develop new ways to address our complex health and health system problems. We also recognize the importance of being responsive to BC’s research needs. Finally, we know that we will accomplish more by working together.