Maija Tiesmaki reflects on how research career pathways are changing and shares three emerging themes from the health research community.

Gayle Scarrow and Genevieve Creighton discuss the journey taken to develop KT Pathways, a new digital assessment and learning tool for anyone that creates or uses research evidence.

Zena Sharman and Julia Langton discuss how best to connect strategy and evaluation to help plot a course, define what success looks like, and track our progress and learn along the way.

KT Encounters: Dr. Davina Banner explains how working with patient research partners has taught her some vital lessons about patient-oriented research.

Lori Last and Amy Noise introduce the science of storytelling and how to apply the principles of storytelling to demonstrate the value of health research and health research funding.

Public and patient engagement in health care, policy and research is key to driving health system transformation, and ultimately, better health outcomes, but what is a health funder's role?