MSFHR co-funds six 2019 Health System Impact Fellows in partnership with CIHR’s Institute of Health Services and Policy Research, enabling 11 Fellows to be awarded in BC.

Our 2020 competition cycle is open! Guidelines are now available our 2020 Scholar and Research Trainee competitions; applications open Nov. 4, 2019. We’re launching several changes for our 2020 cycle. Read on for more details.

MSFHR's Gayle Scarrow shares some of the lessons learned after a recent evaluation of our own KT activities and how those learnings will inform our work going forward.

Dr. Victoria Bungay receives MSFHR match funding

Thanks in part to MSFHR match-funding support, two-time MSFHR awardee and UBC associate professor, Dr. Victoria Bungay recently received a $2.5 million partnership grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). This grant will fund a seven-year, multi-site implementation project that brings together a team from across Canada to address gender-based violence research.

When UK-based Wellcome Trust approached us to be a strategic partner in the new Research on Research Institute (RoRI), we seized the opportunity not only to learn from our counterparts around the world but also to contribute to growing body of work on research on research (also known as meta-research, science of science or meta-science).

Eighteen 2019 Convening & Collaborating (C2) awards and eight 2019 Reach awards have been awarded to teams across BC. These awards are designed to foster collaboration between researchers and research users, support the co-development of research questions and the dissemination of research evidence.