Aubrey J. Tingle Prize

The Aubrey J. Tingle Prize is awarded annually to a British Columbia clinician scientist whose work in health research is internationally recognized and has had a significant impact on advancing research in their field — as well as the uptake of this evidence — to improve health and the health system in BC and globally.

The prize was created to honour Dr. Aubrey J. Tingle’s important contributions to BC health research as founding president & CEO of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. A pediatrician and an immunologist, Dr. Tingle has maintained a lifelong interest in the role of viruses in disease, with particular interest in rubella, arthritis, and the possible viral causes of juvenile diabetes.

The 2020 Aubrey J. Tingle Prize recipient was Dr. Poul Sorensen. Learn more about Dr. Sorensen.

Past Aubrey J. Tingle Prize recipients