BC Ethics Harmonization Initiative

The BC Ethics Harmonization Initiative (BCEHI) aims to create efficient, coordinated, and high-quality processes that support and encourage multi-jurisdictional human health research.

The initiative is a collaborative effort between eight partner organizations representing BC’s provincial health authorities and major research universities. MSFHR provided core funding to the BECHI from 2010 to 2016. At the end of this period, the BCEHI had developed a harmonized approach to health research ethics review including two working harmonized models for the ethics review of both minimal risk and above minimal risk research studies.

A Summative Evaluation of the BCEHI completed in fall 2016, shows that harmonization is having a positive impact on making BC a more attractive research environment through more timely and efficient processes.

To build on BCEHI’s achievements MSFHR provided additional funding in the fall of 2016 to support the BCEHI partner organizations with ongoing management and sustainability of the BCEHI as well as the development of a shared technology platform for harmonized ethics review. 

Director, Strategy