In 2012, health research and health care leaders met to discuss the potential of a health research strategy initiative to shape a more comprehensive, coordinated and systems-oriented approach to health research in BC. At the time, this group realized the complexity of health research in BC and they wanted to develop a strategy that would identify areas of strength and need and that would bring more coherence to the system.

Participants endorsed the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) to consult with the community and facilitate the development of a health research strategy for BC.



Strategy development & consultation

The strategy was developed over two years and included planning, research, consultation, analysis, and implementation phases.

Strategy development process

Preliminary planning included the establishment of an advisory board, planning team and reference group as well as key informant interviews. Analysis conducted by the planning team resulted in five directions as a framework for consultation. In spring 2013, these directions were discussed in focus groups involving stakeholders with a range of relevant experience and expertise. An online survey tested elements of the emerging strategy with a broad audience. Workshops were held to engage regional players in assessing the potential of the emerging health research strategy to support local needs. The final consultation element was a validation workshop – an opportunity to bring the results back to a diverse subset of key stakeholders to validate what was heard during the previous consultation activities. At the conclusion of these consultation activities in the fall of 2013, three directions for health research in BC, along with associated actions emerged.

BC Health Research Strategy

Through spring and summer 2014, MSFHR worked with stakeholders to support the transition from strategy development to implementation, including a review of implementation models and development of recommendations regarding leadership and guidance for the implementation process. Learn more about the strategy development and consultation.