KT Pathways: A digital assessment and learning tool

KT Pathways is a digital assessment and learning tool for anyone that creates or uses research evidence.

Developed through a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) initiative with support from partners across BC, it is designed to help you assess your current knowledge translation strengths and areas for development, and provides tailored training materials and supports based on the results.

The goal is to help knowledge producers, knowledge users and knowledge brokers* build their KT skills to increase the use of research evidence in practice, policy and further research.

How does KT Pathways work?

KT Pathways outlines the core skills, and associated competencies that are required for successful KT.

By rating yourself against each skill, KT Pathways helps you identify what skills and competencies you need to work on as you use evidence to inform your work, practice or decision-making.

Developing KT Pathways

KT Pathways started as a scoping review of academic and grey literature led by MSFHR in partnership with an external working group (both the protocol and study results are published).

The result is an extensive list of KT competencies and training supports. Now, with the support of partners from across the province, MSFHR is converting this into a digital tool that will be piloted in 2019/20.

Want to learn more? Contact Gen Creighton, Manager, Knowledge Translation.

*Knowledge producers are primarily researchers; knowledge users might be policy makers, health practioners or journalists; and knowledge brokers bridge the gap between the two, helping others use evidence in their practice/policy-making. They may or may not have KT as part of their title or job description.