Knowledge Translation

Knowledge translation (KT) activities aim to close the gap between research and implementation by improving the use of research evidence in practice, policy and further research.

Known by many names (e.g. knowledge mobilization; research to action; knowledge exchange), KT is ultimately about using health research to improve health. At MSFHR, our team of KT specialists work to give BC health researchers the tools they need to increase the impact of their research.

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KT plays an important role in maximizing the impact of health research. The benefits include:

  • Health care decisions based on the best available evidence
  • Cost-effective and accountable health care
  • Identifying priorities and opportunities for further research.

To find out more about MSFHR’s role in building KT capacity in BC, visit the KT at MSFHR page.

Got a KT question? Contact Gen Creighton, Manager, Knowledge Translation.