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Knowledge translation (KT) is a young and rapidly evolving science. There are numerous resources available online via universities, health authorities and research institutes, but if you are pressed for time our ‘essential KT reads’ are a good starting point.

Want to delve deeper? Explore our bank of KT resources, join a beginner-level KT Connects webinar or read our KT Encounters blog series.

Essential KT reads

  1. Lost in knowledge translation: Time for a map? (academic paper)
    Great for getting started in KT, a review of the terms and definitions used to describe the concept of moving knowledge into action.
    Graham I, Logan J, Harrison M et al. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 2006
  2. Knowledge translation in health care: Moving from evidence to practice (book)
    A practical introduction to knowledge translation that outlines strategies for successful knowledge translation in practice and policy-making using everyday examples.
    Second edition, edited by Sharon Straus, Jacqueline Tetroe and Ian D. Graham, 2013
  3. Mobilising knowledge in complex health systems: a call to action (academic paper)
    MSFHR's president & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes and colleagues from Canada and the United Kingdom provide practical advice on how to successfully implement evidence in complex systems by identifying integrated actions for a range of stakeholders.
    Holmes B, Best A, Davies H et al. Evidence & Policy, 2017
  4. A content analysis of dissemination and implementation science resource initiatives: What types of resources do they offer to advance the field? (academic paper)
    With increased efforts dedicated to the advancement of dissemination and implementation science, there is a need to organize and curate relevant resources. This article reviews the existing initiatives and recommends new resources with the greatest potential to make a contribution to the field.
    Darnell D, Dorsey C, Melvin A et al. Implementation Science, 2017
  5. Guide to knowledge translation planning at CIHR: Integrated and end-of-grant approaches (report)
    A really good primer from a research funder. Includes worksheets for KT planning as well as case examples.
    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2012
  6. Knowledge Nudge (blog)
    A health-specific KT blog focused on the science of KT, patient engagement and dissemination.
    George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation

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