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Knowledge translation (KT) is a young and rapidly evolving science. At MSFHR, we are committed to advancing the science of KT, and take part in original research to study and understand KT practice. There are numerous KT resources available online via universities, health authorities and research institutes, but if you are pressed for time our list of ‘essential KT reads’ is a good starting point.

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Essential KT reads

  1. Lost in knowledge translation: Time for a map? (academic paper)
    Great for getting started in KT, a review of the terms and definitions used to describe the concept of moving knowledge into action.
    Graham I, Logan J, Harrison M et al. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 2006
  2. Knowledge translation in health care: Moving from evidence to practice (book)
    A practical introduction to knowledge translation that outlines strategies for successful knowledge translation in practice and policy-making using everyday examples.
    Second edition, edited by Sharon Straus, Jacqueline Tetroe and Ian D. Graham, 2013
  3. Chapter 16: "Using evidence in Canada" in What Works Now? Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice (book) 
    MSFHR's president & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes and Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Translation and Quality of Care Dr. Sharon Straus examine the nature of evidence in Canadian health care, the structures for its production and synthesis, and describe recent initiatives aimed at enabling greater use.
    Edited by Annette Boaz, Huw Davies, Alec Fraser and Sandra Nutley, 2019
  4. Mobilising knowledge in complex health systems: a call to action (academic paper)
    MSFHR's president & CEO Dr. Bev Holmes and colleagues from Canada and the United Kingdom provide practical advice on how to successfully implement evidence in complex systems by identifying integrated actions for a range of stakeholders.
    Holmes B, Best A, Davies H et al. Evidence & Policy, 2017
  5. Guide to knowledge translation planning at CIHR: Integrated and end-of-grant approaches (report)
    A really good primer from a research funder. Includes worksheets for KT planning as well as case examples.
    Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2012
  6. Knowledge Nudge (blog)
    A health-specific KT blog focused on the science of KT, patient engagement and dissemination.
    George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation

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