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KT Stories

1. "Realizing Innovation Through Research and Industry Partnerships"

Dr. David Jaffray of Toronto's Princess Margaret Hospital explains how an industry partnership facilitated the development of a new diagnostic tool that is improving radiation therapy for cancer patients.

2. "Spreading the Science of Safety"

Pamela Fuselli, Executive Director of Safe Kids Canada, explains how research evidence is shaping the effort to keep kids safe from injuries related to consumer products.

3. "Out of the Lab and Into the Classroom"

Dr. Rosemary Tannock, Senior Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children, explains how the Teach ADHD project is generating evidence-based information and resources to help students with ADHD success in school and reach their potential.

4. "Going Global"

Dr. Stanley Zlotkin, Senior Scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children and President of the Sprinkles Global Health Initiative, explains how tiny packets of iron sprinkles have improved the health of millions of children with nutrient deficiencies.

Music video

"Subterranean KT Blues"


This KT-themed take on Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" is one component of an effort to raise awareness of, and build internal capacity for, knowledge translation among MSFHR staff. Performed by Graham Pollock.

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