Online Learning Modules

  • CIHR Online learning modules and KT Casebooks highlights publications and resources for individuals interested in learning more about KT including its evaluation.
  • Critical Appraisals Skills Programme provides resources towards developing skills in health care staff to meet the challenges of evidence-based medicine.
  • How to Develop and Critique a KT Plan (slide presentation developed by Dr. Ian Graham and Kelly Mrklas) describes three broad categories of KT; identifies key elements of a strong end of project KT plan; and teaches how to deconstruct and critically appraise a KT plan.
  • KT Curriculum is a teaching and learning resource developed by the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research. It includes lesson plans and provides an overview of key KT concepts.
  • University of Guelph certificate in knowledge mobilization is an online professional development certificate that builds capacity to turn knowledge into action and support the development of evidence-based policy and practice.

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