Systematic Reviews & Other Literature Repositories

  • CIHR Section 2.4: Searching for research findings and KT literature provides a description of where information can be found, and vocabulary to use when searching for KT resources.
  • Cochrane Library is a database of systematic reviews that provides independent, high-quality evidence for healthcare decision making.
  • Evidence-Informed Healthcare Renewal (EIHR) Portal, is an online repository of documents and resources related to health care renewal in Canada. MSFHR is a proud partner and supporter of the EIHR Portal, which is a partnership of 19 federal, provincial, and territorial stakeholders. The portal permits knowledge sharing across the country by providing researchers and policy-makers a single point of access to the growing body of evidence informing health care renewal.
  • Health EvidenceTM (McMaster University) provides quality-rated systematic reviews evaluating the effectiveness of public health interventions.
  • Implementation Network distributes up-to-date information on current research, practice, and policy activities in the area of dissemination and implementation in health care and public health.
  • KT+ is a service provided by the McMaster Premium Literature Service which provides email alerts and a searchable database of quality-filtered and unfiltered research addressing the knowledge to action gap.
  • Rx for Change, a resource funded by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) is a database containing current research evidence about intervention strategies and is designed to inform the choice and use of practical, evidence-based interventions.

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