Publications & Reports

Provincial needs assessment

In March 2012, MSFHR launched an online survey to identify knowledge translation resource and training needs across BC. More than 1,200 people responded to the survey, which was targeted at both BC health researchers and those who use health research evidence in their work.

A detailed provincial analysis is available, along with regional reports providing data specific to each BC health region. The survey results help us and our partners develop training and resources of greatest value to our stakeholders.

Regional reports

Peer-reviewed papers

Evidence-informed healthcare through integration of health research
Healthcare Management Forum 2015, Vol. 28(2) 75-78

Organizational leaders from Island Health, Royal Roads University, the University of British Columbia, and MSFHR explore the catalytic role that health care organizations have for health research, both in the creation and the use of evidence. Organizational leaders are well placed to encourage integration of research into health care settings, and health research funders can also play an important supporting role.

How funding agencies can support research use in healthcare: an online province-wide survey to determine knowledge translation needs
Implementation Science 2014, 9:71

The results of our provincial KT needs assessment survey were outlined in a June 2014 Implementation Science article written by MSFHR's KT and Evaluation staff. The findings emphasize the importance of considering all aspects of KT in training opportunities (e.g., tailoring research results to identified key audiences; engaging key users of the research in its development and use; understanding the body of research literature on a particular research topic; and using the research evidence in different contexts), while taking into account different stakeholder needs (e.g. different training methods, costs, levels).

Translating evidence into practice: the role of health research funders
Implementation Science 2012, 7:39

Health research funders such as MSFHR have an important role to play in advancing knowledge translation. In an Implementation Science paper published by our KT team, we identify five functional areas through which funders can create the conditions for effective KT: advancing KT science, building KT capacity, managing KT projects, funding KT activities, and advocating for KT.