Technology/Methodology Platforms

From hospitals to research labs to universities, BC is home to world-class infrastructure and resources that support health research innovation. Fully harnessing the power of these resources requires coordination to ensure key technologies and tools are available province-wide across institutions.

The Technology/Methodology Platform (TMP) program was officially launched in early 2006, as part of the MSFHR Infrastructure Funding Program: a series of six awards MSFHR introduced from 2002 to 2006 to establish shared research infrastructure and build capacity for health research in BC.

The TMP program involved three distinct funding stages that spanned 11 years (2006 - 2017), representing a total investment of $22.8M.

  1. TMP Development Awards (July – Nov, 2006)
    Following a competitive application process nine teams received a TMP Development Award to develop a comprehensive strategy and business plan for their proposed platforms: BC BioLibrary, BC Clinical Genomics Network (BCCGN), BC Clinical Research Technology Platform, BC Imaging Network, BC Pre-Clinical Mouse Models Platform, BC Proteomics Network (BCPN), Centre for Drug Research & Development CDRD), PLATPhORM for Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Rapid Monitoring, Population Data BC (PopData).
  2. TMP Phase I Awards (2007 - 2012)
    Development Award recipients were invited to apply for a TMP Phase I award to implement their proposed platforms. Following a competitive application process, MSFHR funded five platforms: BC BioLibrary, BCCGN, BCPN, CDRD, PopData.
  3. TMP Phase II Awards (2012 – 2017)
    To build on the successes of the TMP Phase I Awards, teams submitted a review of their achievements and a five year strategic business plan demonstrating how the platform would increase user access, business opportunities and research capacity in BC in Phase II. Following a competitive application process, including review from external subject matter experts, MSFHR funded two platforms: BCPN and PopData.

The TMP program came at a critical time in the development of the BC health research environment, and helped to establish new research infrastructure and networks that grew the province’s capacity in emerging areas of health research.

With support from MSFHR, BCPN, CDRD (which became self-sustaining after TMP Phase I) and PopData have matured into sustainable enterprises that are nationally-recognized for their research expertise and leadership.

The TMP program has now ended. To learn more about the program’s impact and outcomes, including key takeaways and recommendations for MSFHR, read the Technology/Methodology Platforms Phase­ II Summative Evaluation Executive Summary.