Strategic Provincial Advisory Committee (SRAC)

The BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) was established to serve as a bridge between the Provincial Health Officer, government decision-makers and the BC health research community with regard to COVID-19 research. SRAC reports to the provincial response Planning Section Chief, Health Emergency Coordination Centre, and provides insight on current BC research related to COVID-19 and what is needed. MSFHR serves as secretariat to the committee and provides strategic support.

Committee mandate

  • The BC COVID-19 Strategic Research Advisory Committee will:
    • Advise the Province on necessary research to support the Province’s response to the pandemic
    • Develop a research framework to inform the Province on what research needs to be done, which will be available for other stakeholders to inform their activities
  • Committee activities include:
    • Monitoring global COVID-19 research activity
    • Mapping BC COVID-19 research activities
    • Understanding and documenting provincial COVID-19 research needs (including those across the health-care system) as they are being defined

Questions or comments for SRAC can be directed to

New: BC COVID-19 vaccine communications collaboration and networking workshop
Recording and resources now available

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