Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

MSFHR has a strategic commitment to fostering a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive health research system.

Diversity in research is important to cultivating talent and promoting inclusive excellence, which in turn drives discovery and helps build a more innovative and impactful health research system.

MSFHR’s self-identification form 

To help deliver on our strategic commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), we’ve made it a priority to improve our data collection on who is applying to our funding programs, reviewing applications for us, and receiving MSFHR funding. 

In 2019, we implemented a self-identification form to collect demographic information about our applicants and peer reviewers. Our form was adapted from a similar form implemented by CIHR in May 2018 and subsequently by all tri-council agencies and the Canada Research Chairs program. Federal funders updated their self-identification form in 2020 so we made corresponding revisions to ours in order to ensure comparability with national data. 

Our self-identification form covers the following dimensions: gender identity, LGBTQA+ identity, age, Indigenous identity, racialized/visible minority identity, population group, and disability. All applicants, co-applicants, research users, trainee supervisors, and peer reviewers are required to complete the form. It is compulsory but each question has a “prefer not to answer” option. 

The data we gather through this form will give us a better understanding of applicant, award holder, and reviewer demographics. This information will enable us to identify barriers and challenges to EDI at MSFHR as well as opportunities for advancement. It also will contribute to the bigger picture understanding of BC’s and Canada’s research system diversity and to subsequent conversations about actions that may need to be taken. 

User data and privacy

Responses to the self-identification form will be securely stored and access to the raw data will be restricted to MSFHR’s data analytics department. The data collected will only be used in aggregate in order to protect the identity of individuals. Chairs, scientific officers, and peer reviewers will not have access to respondents’ information. 

Information shared in the form will be stored on secure Canadian servers in MSFHR ApplyNet, a grants management system developed and hosted for MSFHR by SmartSimple, a leading grants management service provider. 

For more information about our self-identification form, please read our FAQ.