Information for prospective partners

We invite your organization to partner with us to co-fund research that nurtures talent, advances new treatments and cures, and responds to health system priorities.

MSFHR matches partner contributions on funded awards dollar for dollar, effectively doubling the value of your research investments and increasing the overall number of awards granted to BC researchers. This enables your organization to grow health research in your priority area whilst also strengthening BC’s health research capacity. 

Benefits of partnership

  • Excellence: Find and support outstanding researchers in your field in BC through our robust peer-review process. Plus, we take care of all the award administration.
  • Leverage: Double the value of your available research funding – your health research dollars will go further with 100% of your contribution going towards co-funding an award.
  • Connections: Build relationships with researchers in your field and help them understand research challenges in your area. Connect your stakeholders and donors to the research they support.
  • Flexibility: We identify researchers who align with your needs and priorities, and then you make the decision as to who you co-fund.

We offer opportunities for partner organizations to co-fund researchers being considered for the following funding opportunities:

Contact our Partnerships team at any time throughout the year to discuss how partnering with MSFHR can help you grow research in your priority area.

Muneerah Kassam
Manager, Partnerships

Scholar awards

The Scholar Program supports new investigators to form their own research teams and build strong research programs. With their time protected to focus on research, scholars are able to support the training of students and post-doctoral researchers, as well as help attract additional funding to your field of interest.

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Research Trainee awards

The Research Trainee Program supports highly qualified applicants at the post-PhD and post-health professional degree stages to undertake post-doctoral fellowships with a focus on academic research. These awards can lay the groundwork for a diverse range of careers in research, biotech, health policy, and beyond. The post-doctoral fellows funded by our research trainee awards build their network and their publication list to advance their own careers and significantly increase the productivity of their mentor’s research programs. 

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Health Professional-Investigator (HP-I) awards

The HP-I Program supports licensed health professionals to develop and advance research, in addition to their clinical work, with the goal to reduce the gap between health research and its implementation within the health system. With their time protected to focus on research, award recipients are able to link their practical knowledge in the care and treatment of patients to aspects of health research in your field of interest that will benefit the health and health system of BC.

“What’s exciting about this idea is the ability to foster people who are embedded in the health care system, creating a culture of using evidence in practice, people who are hubs of influence within the system.”
- Participant, program consultation at University of British Columbia – Okanagan

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Innovation to Commercialization (I2C) awards

The I2C Program addresses the gap between discovery and practical application by providing funding to support researchers in the health and health services sectors advance their discoveries or inventions towards commercialization. The result is products or technologies in your field of interest that improve health outcomes and enrich the health innovation ecosystem of BC. With funding to help enhance and strengthen the value of their intellectual property, award recipients are able to increase the potential commercial viability of their inventions or discoveries, and help attract further downstream investment.

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