Information for researchers: Current co-funding opportunities

MSFHR is proud to partner with leading organizations from BC, Canada, and around the world to nurture BC research talent, and advance new treatments and cures.

If you are a BC researcher who is thinking of applying for a 2019 MSFHR award and is interested in co-funding, please contact Muneerah Kassam to discuss co-funding opportunities. See our current funding opportunities page for awards that are open for applications.

If you are a BC researcher who has already applied for an MSFHR award and would like to be considered for co-funding, please email the partnerships team including:

  • Your application reference
  • The award you have applied for
  • The co-funding opportunity you are interested in
  • The title of your proposed research and a short description of the project.

MSFHR also offers match funding for BC researchers applying for national and international projects. Find out more about match funding opportunities.