Information for researchers: Current co-funding opportunities

MSFHR is proud to partner with leading organizations from BC, Canada, and around the world to nurture BC research talent, and advance new treatments and cures.

The organizations below are seeking opportunities to co-fund research through MSFHR's 2020 competitions. We also offer matching funds for BC researchers applying for national and international projects. Find out more about match funding opportunities

Organizations seeking opportunities to co-fund researchers in MSFHR's 2020 competitions

Partner Award types Priority keywords
AGE-WELL NCE (Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement and Long LIfe NCE Inc.)
  • Research Trainee
  • Aging; old age; seniors; older adults; elderly; frail elderly; knowledge mobilization; transdisciplinary; interdisciplinary
BC Children's Hospital Research Institute
  • Research Trainee
  • Is supervised by a research Investigator (holding a full time academic appointment in a British Columbia University) at BC Children’s Hospital whose area of investigation has direct relevance to improving the health of children and families AND is actively engaged in research on the BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre campus
BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation
  • Research Trainee
  • Schizophrenia; related psychotic disorders
Centre For Health Evaluation And Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS)
  • Scholar
  • Research Trainee
  • Youth mental health; Substance use; Health services and policy research; Pharmacoeconomics/pharmacoeconomic evaluation; chronic disease management, health equity, health technology assessment, indigenous health and machine learning

Research location/affiliation: Providence Health Care/Providence Health Care Research Institute/St. Paul's Hospital/CHÉOS
Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation
  • Research Trainee
  • Scholar
  • Health Professional-Investigator
  • Complementary and alternative cancer treatment; Investigation of alternative medicine for the treatment of cancer; Modifiable risk factors for the prevention of cancer and other major illnesses
Pacific Parkinson’s Research Institute
  • Research Trainee
  • Scholar
  • Parkinson’s disease (with a focus on clinical research or translational research)


  • To be considered for a partnered award with PPRI, applicants must be conducting research at, or affiliated, with UBC (applicants must outline how they will collaborate with Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre as part of the brief description).

Research location/affiliation: University of British Columbia (applicants must outline their connection as part of the application)
Pacific Alzheimer Research Foundation (PARF)
  • Research Trainee
  • Scholar
  • Alzheimer’s, neurodegenerative and/or dementia

If you are a BC researcher who is thinking of applying for a 2020 MSFHR award and is interested in co-funding, please ensure you include the priority keywords in your application. See our current funding opportunities page for competitions that are open for applications.

If you are a BC researcher who has already applied for an MSFHR award and would like to be considered for co-funding, please email the partnerships team including:

  • Your application reference
  • The award you have applied for
  • The co-funding opportunity you are interested in
  • The title of your proposed research and a short description of the project.

MSFHR also offers match funding for BC researchers applying for national and international projects. Find out more about match funding opportunities.