Partnering with MSFHR

Interested in supporting health research with us?

We partner with other health research funders, non-profit organizations and companies to support BC health research talent and build research capacity in our partners’ priority areas.

Partnering with us means optimizing your research dollars to advance research priorities that are important to you and ultimately improve the health of British Columbians.

Contact Muneerah Kassam at mkassam[at] to discuss partnership possibilities.

Co-funding an MSFHR award

We invite your organization to partner with us to co-fund research that helps grow BC-based research talent and advance new treatments and cures in your research priorities.

We match partner contributions on funded awards dollar for dollar, effectively doubling the value of your research investment and increasing the overall number of awards granted to BC researchers. This enables your organization to grow health research in your priority area while also strengthening health research in BC.

Benefits of partnership

  • Excellence

    Find and support outstanding researchers in your field in BC through our robust peer-review process. Plus, we take care of all the award administration.

  • Connections

    Build relationships with the best and brightest researchers in your field and help them understand research challenges in your area. Connect your stakeholders and donors to the research they support.

  • Leverage

    Double the value of your available research funding — your health research dollars will go further with 100% of your contribution going towards co-funding an award.

  • Flexibility

    We identify researchers who align with your needs and priorities and then you decide whether to co-fund an applicant.

Partnership opportunities

We offer partner organizations the opportunity to co-fund researchers being considered for the below MSFHR awards.

If your organization is interested in partnering with us on one of our other funding programs, please reach out to our Partnerships team for more information.

Scholar awards enable early-career health researchers to start and develop new programs of research in BC, protecting 75% of their time for research. MSFHR Scholars are able to train students and post-doctoral researchers, as well as attract additional funding in the partner’s priority area. By partnering on Scholar awards, partners help develop BC talent in their priority areas, support new discoveries and evidence to improve health care, and help build research capacity.

Co-funding an MSFHR Scholar

  • Years since first academic appointment


  • Salary amount (per year)


  • Anticipated funding start date


  • Partner contribution (per year)


  • Length of financial commitment*

    5 years

* MSFHR and partner contributions are subject to availability of funds and annual budgetary approvals by both MSFHR and the partner orgainzation beyond year one of the award.

“Partnering with MSFHR helps us move research forward at an exponential pace. MSFHR does a great job of bringing organizations and researchers together, and using their peer-review process helps us ensure we are funding the best researchers in the fields that are important to us.”

Dick Vollet, President & CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation
Scholar and Research Trainee Partner

Research Trainee awards support health researchers at the post-doctoral level, enabling them to launch successful careers in research, biotech, health policy and more. By partnering on Research Trainee awards, partners help develop BC talent in their priority areas and provide opportunities to start their careers, support the knowledge economy and help build health research capacity.

Co-funding an MSFHR Research Trainee

  • Stipend amount (per year)


  • Research and travel allowance


  • Anticipated funding start date


  • Partner contribution (per year)


  • Length of financial commitment

    up to 3 years

* Applies to post PhD up to five years after degree awarded and health professional without a PhD up to 10 years after degree awarded.

“This funding helps us focus on driving our projects forward and producing research, while connecting us to other trainees and building our professional networks. Being co-funded helps connect us to organizations that are directly in our area of study, forging key partnerships that help bridge the gap between fundamental discovery and translatable research outcomes.”

Dr. Dustin King, 2017 Research Trainee
Co-funded by Pacific Alzheimer Research Foundation

Health Professional Investigator (HP-I) awards support licensed health professionals to link their practical knowledge with important research questions, helping to improve patient outcomes through integrating research evidence and care. By partnering on HP-I awards, partners support connecting evidence and patient care, advancing care through integrating research evidence and improved patient outcomes.

Co-funding a Health Professional-Investigator

  • Years since first academic appointment


  • Salary amount (per year)


  • Anticipated funding start date


  • Partner contribution (per year)


  • Length of financial commitment

    5 years

“Having an HP-I award has given me the flexibility and stability to launch my own independent research program. I can now dedicate time away from my clinical responsibilities to conduct research on the use of wearable tools to monitor and rehabilitate patients with musculoskeletal injuries.”

Dr. Christopher Napier, 2020 HP-I recipient
Co-funded by Plantiga

More information

Contact our Partnerships team at any time throughout the year to discuss how partnering with MSFHR can help you grow research in your priority area.

Muneerah Kassam

Manager, Partnerships