Public and patient engagement strategy

Public and patient engagement (PPE) in health care, health policy and research is increasingly identified as a key strategy to drive health system transformation, and ultimately, better health and health system outcomes. MSFHR is relatively new to this area but is keen to take a leadership role in implementing PPE in a funding organization.

At MSFHR, we want to support our funded researchers to involve the public and patients in their research and knowledge translation activities, while also bringing public and patient perspectives into our own work as a health research funding agency.

To that end, we embarked on a process in 2016 to develop a public and patient engagement strategy for the Foundation. We conducted an environmental scan, hosted stakeholder workshops and interviewed individuals with expertise in public and patient engagement for health research funders. The resulting public and patient engagement strategy outlines MSFHR's vision to ensure public and patient perspectives are integrated into our work in a meaningful way to enable relevant, accessible and usable research that improves health outcomes and the health system in BC. We learned that PPE is not going to apply to everything MSFHR does or all the research it funds. But it will be integral in those areas where it is most relevant and strategic.

Given the evolving nature of PPE, this strategy is iterative and adaptive, with strategic opportunities that allow for pilot initiatives that can be systematically evaluated. The strategy also recognizes the importance of working with others in the BC health research ecosystem, including groups like the BC Academic Health Science Network, BC SUPPORT Unit and the Patient Voices Network, to better assess the PPE niche that MSFHR can fill. We hope to continue to benefit from and build on this collaboration as the strategy is implemented

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