Shenghui Liang

Dr. Shenghui Liang

Dr. Shenghui Liang obtained his PhD degree in physiology at Peking University (China). During his PhD training, he was a recipient of an Academic Innovation Award and National Scholarship Award. He was also awarded an MSFHR Post-doctoral Fellowship (Research Trainee award) in 2019. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Professor Timothy Kieffer from Diabetes Research Group at the University of British Columbia.

His current research focuses on establishing a novel approach for differentiating human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) into functionally mature islet organoids in vitro. He is also exploring methods for mass production of hPSC-derived human islet organoids as a scalable source of transplantable islet donors to permit the widespread application of cell replacement therapy for treating diabetes.



University: University of British Columbia
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
Department: Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences
Position: Post-doctoral Fellow